Freelancers: 6 Approved Methods to Improve Your Work Efficiency

Work as freelancer is a trend in the general labor market. Many freelancers work at their homes or coffee shops. It sounds not as pressuring as working in an office, but flex workers are responsible for their own work efficiency. Some professional freelancers set up a space at home as a Home Office. How can these home offices achieve the highest efficiency? There are scientific ways.

1. Sit near to the sunlight

Many people like window seat, in fact, there is a  scientific  basis for that. Cornell University's research report points out that when workers work in natural daylight offices, they can relieve more than 84% of work stress symptoms. Symptoms of stress include various symptoms such as eye, stress, headache, and blurred vision.

However, not all windows are equal. Some windows introduce too much light, which can cause glare, distracting work, or making the seat hot. In order to avoid such a situation, if blinds or curtains are added to the traditional window glass, the office space will be poorly lit. The above research is also aimed at employees who install traditional windows in the office, as well as employees in the office who can control the automatic color-changing smart windows, and compare the experience difference between the two. The results show that if the office is equipped with smart window glass, employees can reduce their tiredness by 10%, and employees who are close to these windows can increase their productivity by 2%.

2. Standing while working

To overcome the lazyness of the afternoon, it is best to leave the seat and work in a standing position. It is best to have a stand-up desk that can be raised and lowered. Researchers at the University of Texas observed the efficiency of the two customer service center employees during the six-month period; they found that employees using lift desks were 46% more efficient than those of traditional seat desks. .

In addition, the researchers found that nearly 75% of employees working on lift desks said they had less sedentary discomfort after working on the desk for six months. Moreover, you don't have to stand for a long time to show the effect. Studies have shown that people who work on a lift desk can only stand for less than 1.6 hours a day, even if they are not standing for a long time.

3. Take a little rest

Researchers at the University of Michigan point out that proper rest can help to increase tolerance for setbacks and strengthen the will to overcome difficulties or difficult work. People who are used to rest are less likely to give up their jobs than those who do not rest at work.

How long should one rest? Harvard University research indicates that when a person is engaged in a series of work throughout the day, performance will gradually decline over time, but those who are used to taking 30 minutes to rest can prevent job performance from falling. If you take a 60-minute break, you can completely restore low productivity.

4. Green office helps: a potted plant is good for you

Adding greenery can make people feel better. According to research led by the Institute of Psychology at Cardiff University, potting in the office can increase productivity by up to 15%, and the results are amazing. The researchers looked at two large offices in the UK and the Netherlands to explore the impact of greenery on employees' perceptions of air quality, concentration and workplace satisfaction. Moreover, as long as you have a potted plant on your desk, you can have many benefits.

5. Join Group Competition

It is generally accepted that regular exercise helps maintain physical and mental health, but do you know that exercise can also have an impact on work efficiency? Researchers at Loughborough University point out that the key is to choose to participate in team sports rather than single-person activities, as this can increase team cohesion and performance. The study investigated 18 previous research literature based on various merits of workplace activities and found that sports such as rugby, football, swimming, and billiards can improve office productivity and help reduce cost losses due to illness. . For those who are annoyed with how to maintain their exercise habits at work, joining an office sports group is the ideal choice.

6. Look at the Photos of Cute Kittens

Interesting cat videos and cute puppy photos are often highly forwarded on the web. Do you know that these cute photos can also help you with your work? The answer may be unexpected. Looking at the photos of cute animals is not a waste of time, but actually helps to increase productivity. Research by Hiroshima University researchers on the "Kawaii" effect points out that looking at cute photos can actually increase concentration and sensitivity. When they were engaged in research and testing, they asked the testees to work after seeing photos of cute animals, and found that they improved by 44.9% in terms of speed, accuracy and sensitivity. For the other group of subjects who viewed adult animal photos, the increase was only 11.9%.

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