Keep your gem customers and kick out fake customers

Business owner must know how to identify real customers and keep them satisfied; in the other hand, fake customers who just try to get information from you and have no intention to pay, or just want to pay for the minimum and get the most out of it, should try to distant from them.

I received an email that goes like this:
"Hi, we are a marketing agency in ____ and can you tell me what media in China do you publish?"
I replied, "It really depends on the content." - but I'm alert because it's very clear for me that this person doesn't want to order any service, he just want to get information from me.

He replied, "It's some entertainment news.  Can you tell me what media do you publish?"
With the attitude like that, I'm 100% certain that this is a "fake customer". When you waste time on them and try to make them satisfied, not only you will get disappointed but also lose precious time to serve real customers who really want to work with you.

It takes experience to be able to do that, but you can identify them - just read carefully between the lines.  This inquiry sounds to me very rude, because why should someone reveal the business secret to you just like that?  And he repeated the question, it's very clear to me that his only intention is to get information.

Keep your time and energy on real customers, kick out fake customers. You will feel better everyday, and your business will thrive.