We can help E-commerce sites reach Chinese shoppers!

chinese online shoppers

It is no secret that the Chinese love shopping.  They shop when they go abroad, they shop when they go online.  They love shopping from overseas online stores! But if you want to attract Chinese online shoppers, you must do the following:

1.Your website needs good Chinese translation.  Machine translation will save you money but will not bring you much income.  Chinese shoppers will be afraid to buy from a shopping site with lousy Chinese description, so make sure you have professional Chinese translators to do the job.  If you prefer to hire freelancers to do the translation work, you can also recruit freelance Chinese translator for short term or long term cooperation.

2. Your site needs to be indexed by Baidu.  In China, the most popular search engine is Baidu, not Google.  So your site must be found on Baidu, then you need to do Baidu SEO to attract buyers.  We can help you with that! From Chinese keyword research, keyword planning, and SEO execution (including backlink building and onsite SEO).

3. You need online marketing.  SEO is just 50% of the marketing, the rest is social media marketing and PR marketing.  Luckily, I'm able to help you with that.  (My team is comprised of 12 professional marketing and SEO experts and we are a one-stop shop for your China marketing activities.)

4. You need to be able to send registered package to China.  Some courier services are too expensive; if you can offer to send the goods by international registered post, that will be the best sending method.

5. You need some consulting on optimize your offers.  For example, what products to feature, what is the best copywriting titles to attract buyers, etc.  (We offer this kind of consulting to our marketing customers free of charge.)

If you can hire people to fulfill the above points, then congratulations, you have a good chance to open a new market. If not, do not worry, contact us and we will love to work with you!