My nightmare experience with

The negative reviews about are true.

So I started a project for a website modification and got total 16 bids rolling in.  Two of the bidders wrote they have experience with exactly the same wordpress theme.

I went for the first.  She bid for $20.  I spent 1 hour communicating and explaining the problem.  She showed interest and the capability to do it.   So I went on to deposit for mile stone (mistake!) only to get a reply "What's your budget for this job"?

"Isn't it $20, the price you bid?" I wrote.
"No, I didn't realize the scope of work.  I need $70 for this job."

From $20 to $70?   No, thank you.

I went on to talk to the 2nd bidder who wrote to have experience working with the same theme.  In the middle of my explanation, I was suddenly blocked by the online chat.  I have just explained the problem, I didn't write anything about payment, email or anything that can lead to a private deal.

That's it, I want my deposit back.  I disable the project and try to find a link to get back my deposit.  The only place is to talk to customer service.  I wrote in the chat that I want my deposit back and no reply for at least half an hour.

Then I decided just to resolve to paypal to get back my deposit.

I don't know how it will end, but I won't use freelancer again.  Not as a buyer and certainly not as a freelancer.

My suggestion if you do want to hire freelancers on Do Not Deposit Easily.