Ridiculous Game of Throne Theorists should die now

As a GOT follower, I watched quite a few youtube videos on prediction.  There are people earned tons of views by claiming the Night King is actually Brandon Stark, the Night King is a descendant of Stark family or he's actually a Targaryen, and quote references from many old episodes and from books.  There are people even claimed that Sam will heal the Night King.  It just sounds ridiculous.

Those people made the show so complicated and mysterious. They should all break their glasses after watching Aryan Stark is the heroin who killed the Night King with a stab.

I'm very happy to see how Night King is finally ended.  I think the reason why the Night King wants to kill Brandon aka the three-eyed raven is that the three-eyed raven is connected with the children of earth and the children of earth are the ones that created the Night King.  So he hated them. 

I love this episode - GOT season 8 episode 3, the war scene is fabulous.  The tension and the quiet before the army of death comes.  I was all goose bumps watching it.  Another great war scene is the war of bastards.  This scene is a good as the war scene in Lord of the Ring - Tale of the two cities.

War.  War is the game of mass people dying for someone to be the king/ queen/ president, whatever you call it.  It should stop, really.