How to gain more traffic to your website or blog?

This is a question that all the website owners and bloggers ask:  How do I get more people to visit my site?  Especially for people who put up Ads on their site, more visitors means more income.

There are loads of ways to get traffic. The basic concept is that you need to find people that are interested in your content and you can think up loads of creative ways to do that.

The basic methods to gain more visitors to your sites are as follow:

1. Social media - its easy to find people on social media that might be interested in your niche, just simply by searching for social posts that talk about topics in your niche, then reaching out to them, following them or engaging with them in some way or another. And then directly, or indirectly, letting them know about your sites and your content.

2. Blog commenting - its a good way again, you can find other blogs that are in the same niche as you, then comment on articles in those blogs - the more useful your comments the more chance they have of sticking. Then you include a link back to your site, its another way to drive traffic.

3. Forum commenting - same idea as above. again quality and relevance is key rather than quantity.

4. Q&A sites - such as yahoo answers, quora. Again its easy to find places where relevant audience are likely to visit, just look for questions and answers related to your niche(s).

5. Guest posting - produce some really good content about your niche then reach out to other blogs and see if they will post the content - sometimes you will get it posted for free, espcially if its very good content, other times you might have to pay to post it, but if you find good sites with traffic and in your niche then it can be very valuable source of traffic.

These are the basic ways to gain organic traffic.  You can do it yourself or hire a freelancer to do.  You will also find more resources to gain traffic as the time goes by, but do not ignore these "low-hanging fruit".